Tips on Writing Essays in College

Many students dread the most common academic task in college – namely essay writing. The thing with essay writing is that you can get stuck in a place, by merely repeating the same elements over and over again, and it’s difficult to innovate or to become better at it. I’ve been there – which is why I want to give you a handful of efficient tips on how to take essay writing to the next level and make them stand out.

Get inspired


The books you read influence you in one way or another, just as the essays you read. To that end, I advise you to cherry pick the materials you read. You should focus on reading essays on a wide variety of subjects, as your goal is to develop a unique writing style. As you do that, you should be critical in assessing an essay – what are the main elements you like about a piece or the other way around? Is the argument presented in the essay balanced? Are the points backed up by evidence?

By all means, getting inspiration doesn’t mean copying other writer’s style – so, make sure you differentiate between these two.

Focus on building your vocabulary

The purpose of each written assignment you have is to openly communicate your viewpoints on a given subject. And constructing a solid vocabulary can help you in that respect. As a general rule, being economical when it comes to words is a fundamental characteristic of a well-written essay. So, a written piece should be prompt and to the point.

Reading widely can aid you to build your vocabulary, as well as using a thesaurus. However, bear in mind that the words you may find in a thesaurus aren’t always interchangeable. So, before using a word for the first time, you should know its significance.

Work on the tone of voice and sentence syntax

Maybe you might not realize this as you read an essay, but using complex sentence structures can seriously enhance your piece. As I said beforehand, your priority should be making yourself easy to understand. Still, you can accomplish this as you use the appropriate tone of voice and diverse sentence structures.

Essentially, a good-written essay should be absorbing and compelling. Take the time to read your old essays and be frank – are you absorbed or quite the opposite? Remember, embracing a confident tone of voice will portray you as a knowledgeable individual.

Be specific

An essay should be focused on the assigned thesis, and you should aim at determining how the question of the essay relates to the arguments you outline in the text. As a rule of the thumb, the points you highlight should support that opinion. You should do your research beforehand, in order to provide as much practical evidence as possible.

Of course, proofreading and editing before submitting an essay is also a good practice. So, make sure you do that, as well. If you implement these simple, yet practical techniques, I’m confident that you’ll seriously improve your essay writing in no time.