civil war

Women’s experiences in Post-Civil War America from 1877 to the 1970s

The civil war came with a lot of impacts on the lives of Americans of all races, sexes and social status. Women went through horrible experiences including losing their husbands, fathers, and sons. This made their lives difficult after the war since they depended majorly on the men to provide for them and their children.

The post-war situations for women forced them to get involved in activities that were viewed to be a man’s activity. Those women left by their husbands during the civil war had to work in order to provide for the remaining members of the family. The other case that caused women to be breadwinners in the family was that of getting pregnant out of wedlock. The percentage of these cases was significantly higher in black women than the white women probably due to lack of employment experienced by the black males.

The shortage of men in post-civil war era gave women opportunities in the labor market. The rise in the number of women in the labor sector resulted in a source of pressure for them to be equally treated in and out of work environment for all kinds of workers. From these arose prominent women figures that were known for their aggressive fight for justice and equality. Anarchist Emma Goldman is one of these women, and she is known for her great speeches including her “Address to the Jury” speech. She was at one time questioned over the assassination of President William McKinley because the assassin was her admirer.

Women began impacting on political and social events after the civil war. In Kansas for example, they actively took part in campaigns that saw them elect 97 representatives, 5 out of 7 congressmen and a senator and this was thanks to the alliance they formed.

Do you remember the book by Delores Williams sisters in the wilderness that has amazed the world with the power of feminism? Thanks to this woman, now… we remind about all situations that happened with women in civil wars as a horrible episodes. Because for nowadays, woman is the only one person who will save this world from the next war.